When Will   The Rains Break?

In Southern Central Africa we rarely speak of summer and winter; it’s usually the “dry season” or the “rainy season”. Looking at the Kruger National Park landscape at the moment could be very confusing.

The north, with its associated mopani, is brown, yellow and red. It is bone dry. The odd green sjambok pod tree which leads the way with early green leaf is striking. The South, however, is amazingly green, even ‘tho the main rains have not yet broken. They have broken up on the highveld, the catchment area of Kruger’s main rivers which are flowing steadily for this time of the year, even up in the north. Kruger is a mosaic of colour at present. There is an excellent contrast between the tall yellow grass from last season and the recently burned areas. In the north, this burnt grass is as black as charcoal and in the South, it’s verdant green.

That is what Kruger is all about – the cycle of life with all its contrasts. It’s just amazing what we don’t see when we live in our concrete jungle.