Spring Has Arrived in its Full Glory

Wow – the rains came, and within 24 hours our dry bush was transformed into a green landscape. We have had about 140 ml of rain since September.

With the change of season also came the birds – beautiful sightings of raptors, plum-coloured starlings and the lesser striped swallows to name but a few were spotted.

Walks from the Lodge along the river have been most productive with guests viewing at least three of the Big Five within half an hour on most occasions. Great excitement when lion made an impala kill right in front of our eyes. The animal sightings in Kruger – well it has been merely spectacular over the past two months. This leopard sighting with clients on the open safari vehicle resulted in this picture taken by the Corelli Family from Italy, and their safari just got better.

And yet another magical safari resulted in this pic taken by Wolfgang and Chris van Wingere from Belgium.

Our resident animals have also started their new year with a litter of offspring. Day by day, the little ones grow and are becoming playful. No doubt soon they will be as wild and threatening as their parents. These families of warthogs are now regular visitors to the Lodge – we shall watch their progress keenly.

It remains our privilege to live in the genuinely superb wonderland of ever-changing activity. To our guests who have stayed at Bushwise Safari Lodge recently, thank you for booking with us, we have enjoyed your company immensely. For those of you who are still to arrive, we look forward to your visit.

Tim, Annette, and the Bushwise Team